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We can take you on any river trip including The Allagash Wilderness Waterway, the Machias River, The Fish River Chain or The Aroostook River. We can start at one of the head water lakes or lower down on the river where the fast water begins. You can choose a slow leisurely trip with some fishing and camping on the side or come directly down the river to a previously decided destination. Depending on how fast you want to travel or how long you have for vacationing, we can start or stop the trip at various locations.

Food and gear have to be taken with the canoes. What gear you don't have, like tents, canoes, paddles, sleeping bags, etc., can be arranged for locally.

If you only want a one or two day trip, there are several lodges, motels, etc., in the area that cater to sportsmen, where you only bring your personal items and leave everything else to them. You can also bring a self-contained camper. For those who wish to run the rivers on their own.


I do provide a shuttle service for your vehicles. We can have your vehicles waiting for you at the end of your trip at your destination take out.

If you have the vacation time, the Allagash River may be your best bet for a true wilderness experience. I provide a vehicle shuttle service along the Allagash, which can start wherever you prefer and end at the village or any point in between. Most clients arrive by way of Millinocket and go between Chamberlain Bridge or Churchill Dam. You leave your vehicle at a pre-determined sanctioned waterway parking lot and in a day or so I will pick it up and take it on down along the river to wherever you have already planned to retrieve it. Existing woods roads don't always follow the river very closely.

Top you gas tank off at Millinocket, have good tires and if possible 2 spares. Vehicle key and remuneration are all planned ahead of time. A cell phone call confirmation from Millinocket always helps. I have found, over the years of running a shuttle service, this method seems to work the best. That way one party is not waiting hours for someone who is running late. Remember that regular cell phones rarely work along the Allagash River. MURS radios and a satellite telephone are the only way to go. I carry both.

Prices for my services alter for each trip. The number of vehicles in your party will tell me how many drivers i need, and the current price for gas and tires also enters in. Where I pick you up and where the vehicles are left are also contributing factors.

A trip in the month of May usually find the connecting road network almost impassible in places since the landowners haven't had time to repair washouts, bad bridges and culverts along the way. That's where having good tires and pick-ups instead of cars enter in. Remember, there are no service stations between Millinocket and Allagash River!!


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