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You can fish in Northern Maine just about any season you might choose. In early spring, there is lake fishing for land-locked salmon, togue and trout on the surface where you troll with lures, streamers or live bait. This starts in early May, just as soon as the ice goes out. In most years, this is just after the tenth. Later on, in June, the fishing gets good in the brooks, streams and rivers where you can generally get your limit of eight to ten inch brookies. The fish will readily take worms or flies.

In July, the big fish go down deep to the cooler water then you can catch them with lead core line and big spoons. There is some surface fishing for trout and smaller land-locked salmon using streamers and other types of lures.

In August, things slow down a little but some big ones can still be taken. Also in July and August, the worst of the fly season is over. There are occasional black flies, moose flies, a few no-see-ums and some mosquitoes in the evening.

In September the season is over for brooks, streams and rivers, except for the taking of one fish on artificial lures or flies. The lakes and ponds are open until the last day of September with the usual limits and some big ones are still being caught.

This brings us to ice-fishing. Some of the bigger lakes are open in the winter and the fishing is usually quite good, if you can strike it right and can stand the cold.

I base most of my services out of a two room camp in the northwestern part of the state. This is a very remote area not far from the famed Allagash River and near the Quebec border. The camp is accessible by vehicle over a woods hauling road.

My fee is $125.00 per day for a party of one or two. There are several good rivers in the area and if you are interested in making a river trip, that can be arranged.

Licenses and fire permits are available in Portage. If you decide to make the Allagash trip, the Allagash Waterway Authority charges a small camping fee for each nights stay on the river. The North Maine Woods gate charges a small fee.


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